We Ask the Board of Trustees to Delay the Decision to Go Co-ed

The following is a statement by Chatham alumna Sandy, Kurtizky ’73 about the impending co-ed decision. In it, she references the statement from Philadelphia area alumnae we posted earlier in the week.


The trustee’s comments at last month’s Philadelphia Town Meeting at the Union League resonated with me, and I know both trustees who spoke invested a great deal of time, energy, and thought into your individual decisions to propose Chatham change to a coeducational undergraduate institution.

As Trustee Terri Dean said last month, I have considered this issue with my heart, but I have reached a different conclusion with my business head. Members of the Greater Philadelphia Chapter of the Alumni Association have sent a letter to the alumni members of the Board, with the hope it will consider our request; we ask the Board of Trustees to delay the decision to go coed for a year, to enable our entire community to come together in an effort to begin to solve some of the challenges facing the University’s undergraduate enrollment.

As you may have heard, it was announced this afternoon (Saturday, April 5th) that Carlow is investing $15.7mil in its “first major construction in more than a decade”. Their new Institute for Women’s Leadership and Empowerment will “increase the capacity of women to become skilled change agents and social entrepreneurs within communities regional to global”. The article by Bill Schackner of the Post-Gazette cites a 9% enrollment of male undergraduates and a 14% enrollment of male graduate students. (The quotes in this blog are from his article.)

President Mellon of Carlow identified a “strong need to address the social and health disparities of women and the role women’s leadership and voice can have for our community and the world”. CCW has provided its World Ready Women with the “capacity…to become skilled change agents and social entrepreneurs within communities regional to global” for 145 years. We respectfully ask that the Board representatives reconsider its position and grant the 1 year postponement for this vote.

Thank you for your consideration,

Sandy Kuritzky, ’73


Standing with Sandy are thousands of Chatham women, the following included!







































Sarah W



















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One response to “We Ask the Board of Trustees to Delay the Decision to Go Co-ed”

  1. Susan George says :

    Count me in! We need to preserve Chatham College for Women, not only to honor our shared past, but to preserve the opportunity for young women to follow in our footsteps and enjoy the benefits of attending a woman’s college. I am a member of the Class of 1975 which had 150+ graduates. The Class of 1976 had less than 100 graduates. The size of the classes has gone up and down since then for many different reasons. Clearly, the size of the 1975 class did not predict the size of the 1976 class. Is this a valid basis to change the single-sex nature of this institution?
    Susan Garland George, Class of 1975

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