The First Step

A full two weeks have passed since the Chatham University Board of Trustees voted to make the undergraduate college co-ed. In that time alumnae from all over the world have mourned the loss. Now, though the wounds are still fresh and still very real, it is time to turn our collective sadness and frustration into action.

Immediately after the vote, Save Chatham launched a Crowd Hall forum dedicated to soliciting recommendations and opinions on various aspects of using the support generated through the Save Chatham movement to move forward. It is our intent, as Save Chatham administrators, to use the amazing network we’ve created for good. It is our intent to create a real, lasting legacy for Chatham College for Women, independent of Chatham University. To do this, we are asking for your continued support and involvement, and in the next few weeks we will be rolling out some concrete plans for that legacy and ways in which you can be involved, at whatever level you are able to participate.

First, however, we need to determine a new identity. Save Chatham has been an incredible rallying cry, but now is a time to refocus and find an organizational name that both confers the respect we have for Chatham’s heritage and a view toward the future.  Below you will find a poll asking this very question. The selections included in the poll were taken directly from the suggestions provided on the Crowd Hall forum and through email.

The poll will be open until Thursday, May 22nd at 11:59 pm ET. If you would like to vote on our new identity, please do so before then. To be democratic about it, once the initial period of voting is over, if no single selection gets over 50% of the votes, we will have a small run off between the top two choices.


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3 responses to “The First Step”

  1. aziza says :

    I would actually be happy with most of these alternative names. They’re great… I wish I could’ve listed top 2 or 3 🙂

  2. gimppac says :

    Frankly, I would go with a varience of the first and last choices: Chatham College for Women Independent Alumnae Association. I want women in the title and our group to pop up on the internet search results if Chatham U decides to keep their name….

  3. sandykmiquon says :

    The Keystone Group is a riff on cornerstone, while acknowledging our 145 year heritage and PA roots – as well as Wilson College.

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