Chatham College Independent Alumnae Association Forming Now!

Hello all!

After two rounds of voting, with almost 500 votes in total cast for the new name of Save Chatham…


Now that we have a new name, we want to take the momentum that Save Chatham generated and use it to honor the legacy of Chatham College for Women and allow our alumnae to have a network that can support them, allowing them in turn to support women’s education and each other. To do that, we are issuing a call for volunteers.



We need your help laying the cornerstone to establish our new, independent alumnae association! We need task-oriented people who don’t mind doing a bit of work, whether it be research, compiling information, writing, graphic design, marketing/communication/etc. This will require an initial commitment of about 2-3 hours per week (1 hour for prep and 1 hour for discussion over the course of the week, plus 1 hour long bi-weekly planning phone call). We have spent the last few weeks since the vote gathering your ideas and input, now help us start making all of our ideas a reality.



We will have hosting an initial call on Wednesday, June 4th at 8 pm ET. (Call-in information provided below.) We understand that no single call-time will be able to meet the needs of all who want to participate, but don’t worry. If you can’t make the call and still want to be involved, just let one of the Chatham College Independent Alumnae Association (CCIAA for short) administrators know, and we’ll make sure that you get the information you need, post call.

Our initial call will focus on the four main areas that we see starting with right away. This is not an all-inclusive list. Things will change and be added over time, but we believe starting work in these areas will allow us to begin building our network.

The four areas of initial concentration will be:

  • Mission, Values, and Goals (drafting of a mission statement and possibly more formal bylaws)
  • Business and Legal Organizational Options (research into the legal options the group may have for forming)
  • Communications and Outreach (this may initially include membership building)
  • Technology (Exploring the tools currently at our disposal and investigation of new ones that may be helpful)

On the call we will talk more about a timeline for some of these actions and the committee structure moving forward.

This call will last for one hour and will conclude with an action plan for moving the various pieces of the building process forward.



The call-in information for Wednesday night’s call is:

Wednesday, June 4th at 8 pm ET

Dial-in: 1-857-232-0156

Conference Code: 588106



No worries. We’re all busy women, and we realize that sometimes you just don’t have an extra hour (or two or three…) to spare. As we move forward, we will continue to keep you updated with what’s happening through our blog and email, if you’re part of our distribution list, and we’ll continue to provide information on ways that you can be involved when your schedule frees up a bit.


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One response to “Chatham College Independent Alumnae Association Forming Now!”

  1. Emily Newport Woodward says :

    I can’t be on this call but I’m in. Let me know what I can do to help. You’re all superstars and I appreciate all your work.

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