You Spoke, We Listened!


Yesterday we asked how you would like to see the Filiae Nostrae Society start to build the network we envision, and you gave us some great responses. So, to build on that, we’re offering a couple of suggestions for easy things you can do today. As we continue to build the organization, we’ll continue to bring you ways to stay involved not only with your FNS sisters, but with other women’s colleges and their alumnae as well!



If you haven’t seen it, an article was posted on Inside Higher Ed last week talking about potential changes at Mary Baldwin College in Virginia. While the article states that the college has no current intention to go co-ed, it is rexamining its liberal arts focus, and plans on launching two new schools this fall under the umbrella of the larger college. As FNS sisters, we’ve seen this playbook before, and while co-ed might not be on the table now, it could be in the future.

Action Item: Send a letter (or email or Facebook message) to Mary Baldwin College, expressing your support of the women’s college and the education it provides. Let them know that women’s college alumnae do not want to see another institution abandoning a mission it has held dear for so long.



While the FNS is not yet capable of collecting funds for dispersal to other women’s colleges or students who might be attending them in the form of scholarships (suggestions we’ve received), we absolutely CAN encourage our alumnae to support women’s colleges on their own for right now (and in the future). In fact, today is a good day to do that!

Action Item: Make a donation to a women’s college of your choice. We know everyone’s financial situation is different, but if you’re able, make a $14.50 donation (you can add any extra zeros or amount you like) in honor of Chatham College for Women’s 145-year history. We’ve included a sample message below that you can include when you make your donation. Make sure they know why you’re donating to them and make sure to restrict your donation to women’s education. We’ve used Mary Baldwin as an example, but feel free to support whichever college you’d prefer. If you’re willing, please let us know who you donated to. We’d love to keep track of the Filiae Nostrae Society’s impact.


I am writing today to offer my support to Mary Baldwin. You may be aware that my alma mater, Chatham University, has recently decided to go coed. Their decision and the events surrounding leave me in search of an institution to support that continues to value women’s education.

I will be making a small financial donation of $14.50, in memory of the 145 year history of Chatham College for Women. Please limit my gift to support women’s education.

I appreciate your commitment to providing women with the same rare opportunity I had and look forward to remaining a supporter of Mary Baldwin in the future.

Thank you,

Jane Doe

Chatham College for Women, Class of XXXX



We have created a strong bond of alumnae from all over the world in the last 5 months, and we don’t want that to end. We will continue to keep our Facebook page regularly updated, and we’ve added the new Filiae Nostrae Society website ( – check it out if you haven’t already – but there are other ways we can immediately facilitate that networking, and we’re building those every day.

Action Item: Search for the Filiae Nostrae Society group on LinkedIn and join your fellow FNS alumnae. This will be a great way for alumnae to do career networking. Know of a job opening at your company? Post it! Looking for a job? Let us know! Just need some good company? We have that, too!

Action Item 2: Volunteer to be spotlighted for the Outside the Bubble feature we’ll be doing regularly. It’s simple: we provide you with 10-12 questions; you supply the answer and a photo so your fellow alumnae can put a name to a face. This is a way for us to highlight all of the GREAT women who have graduated from Chatham. Just comment here or send us a message on the Facebook page if you’re interested, and we’ll follow up.


We hope you’ll help us start to build the organization by completing at least one of these action items! (And we hand out bonus points for completing all of them.) We are so excited about where this organization is going, and these are only the first small steps! Please join us and we start on this journey to something incredible!


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3 responses to “You Spoke, We Listened!”

  1. Heather says :

    I donated $500 to Trinity University (the undergradute college of arts and sciences is still women only) in memory of Chatham College. I had the acknowledgement send to Esther.

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